Sunday, August 30, 2009

West Sand Lake, New York

July 27, 2009
This is officially my last blog. This year has been a great one. There have been tough spots, boring spots, but most of the time it was fun. We decided that we're going to live in New York. I'm pretty happy about that too.

My favorite place was Ontario, Canada which we're going to fairly soon. My favorite place in Europe was Heidelberg, Germany. Overall, the year has been great.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

New York, Indiana, Wyoming

July 15, 2009 – Niagara Falls

We just came from Niagara Falls. Three words…It was HUGE! One million bathtubs full of water go down it every second. There was a museum about all the dare devils who went down the Falls in barrels. There was a guy that went off the Falls on a see-doo and then tried to pull his parachute, but it didn’t come out and he died! I wish I could do that (not the dying part though). There was also a little boy that fell out of a boat and went down them without a barrel or anything. Luckily, he survived!

We’re going to be at my Poppa’s farm in five hours now!

July 12 – Indiana, Wyoming

Hi! Right now we’re going to Amish territory. We’re headed from there to New York. Then we’re going to Canada. We haven’t been doing much. But two days ago we watched Transformers’ Revenge of the Fallen. Before that we went to Cheyenne, Wyoming and went horseback riding. Also I went to the Galvins’ house one last time in Colorado.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Aurora, Colorado

July 4
About five days ago, I had a headache. And it hurt! I started throwing up that night. The next day my left eye was kind of swollen. It’s the same eye that swelled up the other two times. So then I went to the emergency room at the Denver Children’s Hospital. I’ve been here for three days now. I had surgery two days ago.

It made me sad because my eye hurt, and it’s the third time. Whenever the doctors talked about surgery, they said there would be less pain after. I really wanted it. I remember going into the operating room. They put some stuff in that would make me go to sleep. Then my dad said to count down from 10. I got to 7, and then fell asleep!

After the surgery, I remember having a slushee and I liked it. My throat hurt because I had a tube in my throat. The next day my eye didn’t hurt at all. It’s bleeding, but the doctors say it’s normal.

I have a nurse named Whitney, and other nice nurses named Kate, Kim, and Sarah. Dr. McCourt is one of my ophthalmologists and she’s really nice.

There are two things they did in my surgery. One thing is they took out some of my left sinuses so I’ll drain better. The other thing is they had to drain the abscess, and then they put in a stitch.
I’m going to stay here for one more day maybe. Tonight is the Fourth of July and my Dad’s going to spend the night. We’re going to watch fireworks from my window. It’s a good view over Denver, and I can see the mountains.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Air Force Academy, Colorado

About a week ago we finished school! We celebrated by bringing Clayton and Spencer Bailey over and we went bowling and swimming. At the bowling alley I got a strike which I didn’t get very often. At the swimming pool there was a 3-meter high dive that I dove off. We went to the swimming pool a different time but without Clayton and Spencer. Next we went trail riding on horses. We weren’t supposed to trot but we did anyway.

We also went to the Royal Gorge. The Royal Gorge is a giant crack-shaped thing made by erosion. It was right next to the Rockies. It was about 1,500 feet from the water named the Arkansas River. We went on a tram, inclined train, and a super long bridge. Sam, Will, and I went on a roller coaster kind of thing. Later we saw a gunfight.

The next day we went to the Galvin’s new house. We went to a lake with them. We went canoeing too. We also saw their three horses. Then we went and had dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant. This morning we went shooting arrows. Our instructor’s name was Mr. Doug. He was very funny. On Wednesday we are going to the Galvin’s house again.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Air Force Academy, Colorado

A couple days ago we went to the Bailey’s house for a sleepover. We watched the Dark Knight, played rock band, and went to the park with them. We also had a wonderful dessert.
Next we went to the Kiraly’s house. We had lots of fun sword fighting with Amen and crash testing with Spiderman. We also played guitar hero with Zach.

Later we biked through Garden of the Gods. We stopped sometimes to climb rocks, but we never went very high. Later with the Bailey’s, we hiked back up to Stanley Reservoir with the Bailey’s. We stayed overnight there and had a camp fire. We went swimming, and then hiked back down. Today we are going to a different sight.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Kansas and Colorado

In a different place in Kansas we went to a campground that sold antiques. We met two kids there and played at the park with them.

A couple days ago, we entered Colorado. We met up with some of our old Alaska friends, the Bailey’s. We played Cops and Robbers. Will and I hid from them so well that 30 minutes later we came back and everybody was looking for us!

Next, we went to Ms. Ronda and Pastor Gene’s church. It was their last sermon because they are moving to Alabama.

At Roger’s house, we made a garden. First, we put down railroad tracks in a rectangle. Second, we put down dirt. Lastly, we planted strawberries. We also drove a bulldozer, a
4-wheeler, and rode a horse. On the 4-wheeler I went 32 mph in a 100 yard long area! For dinner Roger literally dumped our food on the table and we even ate with our hands!

Later, we went to the Bowen’s house for dinner. We played Monopoly and had pink stuff (pink jello) for dessert. Today we’re doing school at a library. It really stinks because all the other kids are out and we aren’t!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Michigan

June 3
Next we went to visit some people named the Conge’s. We played with them on their trampoline. We also played with their dog, Duke. Next, we went to another nice family named the McCloskey’s. Afterwards, we saw one of Shakespeare’s plays. Then we went back to the Conge’s house and said good-bye.

Then we went to see our old neighbors from Texas, The Galvin’s. Their names are Shelby, Olivia, and Mr. and Mrs. Galvin. They’re going to Hawaii tomorrow. Now we’re going to Colorado.

May 27
Awhile ago we came here to Great Lakes Navy Base in IL. We went swimming and did tons of school. We also went fishing and bowling. I found some sea glass. Then we went back to Newmar to get some parts. We got a tour of Newmar. We saw how they put the coaches together.

Next we went to Charlotte, MI. When we were there, we went to a giant skateboard park. It was so awesome. After that we went with my Mom’s college friend, Ms. Julia to Chicago, and her family came too. We went on a boat tour and saw the Sears Tower and the John Hancock Center. We also got on our bikes and went all over the place. We had ice cream for dinner, and then went home. Today we’re leaving Illinois.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Charlotte, Michigan and Nappanee, Indiana

May 16
Today we’re at the library doing school. Yesterday we had a sleepover with Joe, Sam, and Anna. I forgot to tell you in my last blog that they’re traveling just like us. I also forgot to tell you how good Ms. Marlene’s dinner was. It was very good. We also went to a horse auction. Today we went to a place called Charlotte, Michigan.

May 15
Now that we’re back in Indiana at Newmar, we made some friends. Their names are Joe, Sam, and Anna. We went with them to an Amish wedding set-up. We played cops and robbers there. Then we went to an Amish family’s house. The Mom of this family’s name was Ms. Marlene. We rode in a small carriage and I got to drive! Then we went back to Newmar and went to bed.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


May 9
My Dad has been going to the wind convention for awhile to learn about windmills. When he was gone we would be doing school, except for the last day. We went into Chicago to see him. Before we met up with him, we went to the Harry Potter Exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry. They had the real clothes, wands, books, and broomsticks from Harry Potter. My favorite was Voldemort’s wand. We also went to the bowling alley. When we got to the wind convention, we got lots of souvenirs and candy. Today we’re going back to the Newmar place to finish getting fixed.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Springfield, IL, and Nappanee, Indiana

May 2
At Abraham Lincoln’s Museum, we saw two movies and a bunch of displays. My favorite thing was the Ghost Library. My Mom liked all the dresses (…Mom’s). We went to his tomb next and rubbed his nose so we got good luck. If we didn’t rub it, we would have bad luck.
Later, we went to a Newmar place to get our RV fixed up. There are lots of Amish people here. We then visited my Mom’s friend, Sheryl. We also went to Notre Dame University. We went to the football stadium and bookstore.

We then went to a museum about the Amish and Mennonites. Next we went to an ice cream shop. We met a family there that was Mennonite. They have cows. The calves would suck on your finger! They also had a GIANT tractor that we rode in and drove.

We then went to an Amish person’s house. She was really nice. Her name was Ms. Sara, and she has 6 children. We went on a buggy ride with her. She has 3 horses. The one we used had the name, Boots. We went to a Ferrier’s house in the buggy and he changed Boots’ horse shoes. We played basketball and baseball with his kids. I rode their pony also. Next we went back to Ms. Sara’s house. They had dogs, cats, chickens, one calf, and horses. We went up in their hay loft too. It was lots of fun. We’re heading towards Chicago right now.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ft. Campbell, KY and St. Louis, MO

April 27

Tucker left a couple days ago. When we were in Kentucky there was a shooting range. It was really cool. I shot a 410 X there.

After we went there, we drove to St. Louis, Missouri. There are 4 girls here. Their names are Mary, Nicole, Catherine, and Kelly Piatak. They brought us to a really cool “museum” that was more like an amusement park than anything. It had slides, caves, a playground, an aquiarium, and a forest.

It was AWESOME! We went to the St. Louis Arch before that. It was 660 feet high. Tomorrow we’re going to leave here to go somewhere else.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Huntsville, Alabama

April 19
When Tucker arrived, we started having 2 times the fun. First we went to Space Camp. It was a lot like Kennedy except for the rides. Then we went to Look Out Mountain and hiked it.
Next we went to Mr. Scott Campbell’s and went swimming in the water. We also jumped off a boat house roof to the water twenty-five feet below.

We also went to a place the Armstrongs recommended to go with us. We went fishing, swimming, and boating.

Today we just went to the Gargulinski’s house. First we went to the shooting range. I shot their submachine gun the most accurate out of all the other guns.

Then we jumped on their trampoline and played Halo. I went out and went swimming and jumped off a rope swing. Today it’s Will’s birthday. Soon we will eat his cake!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Florida and Tennessee

April 13
We’ve had lots of fun since I last blogged to you. We went to Ernest Hemmingway’s house first. He had lots and lots of cats. Next, we went to Luc and Lea’s house again. We played with Legos, nerf guns, and used real night vision goggles. We also went swimming in their pool.

After that, we went to Alligator Park. There were lots of alligators there. I saw a turtle as big as two pizzas! After that, we went ice skating in Brandon, FL. It was fun.

Next, we went to the Yogi Bear Campground. It had a fishing pond, swimming pond, pool, water slide, golf course, theater, game room, and skate park. I used the skate park the most.

Yesterday was Easter Sunday. Today my cousin Tucker is going to fly to Nashville, Tennessee from New York where we’ll pick him up! Right now I’m sitting down in the youth center waiting to finish this, which I just did.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dry Tortugas and Key West

Hi, a couple days ago we went to the skating rink again. The high-schoolers came and we did a game with them that was 50-0. We won! April Fools!

The next day we went to a place called Fort Jefferson or Dry Tortugas. We got there by boat. Unfortunately ours was swallowed by a whale! April Fools!

When we got there we went snorkeling. I met a kid named Eric and we played with lots of cool shells. We also played with real Hermit crabs. Our last time we went snorkeling I found a whole sand dollar. It was lots of fun, but then we left on our 70-mile journey back home to Key West. Today, we’re about to move the RV. Then we’ll do school and do something fun.

March 27
Hello, we’ve done 3 things besides school. My favorite was roller blading at a skating rink for hockey. It was tons of fun. At the end of our day there were so many kids that I couldn’t even see Sam sometimes.

We also went to Mallory Square again. There was one new person that we hadn’t seen. He juggled a chain saw, a grenade, and a machete. He also lay down on a bed of spikes. I just finished going swimming and finished school for the day, and I’m glad to say that!

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Florida Keys and Miami

A couple days ago we got to Key West. It’s really hot here. Guess what else? We went snorkeling again, and it was better than last time because we did it all day long! There were all kinds of fish like red fish and pink fish, blue fish and green fish.

We also went on a bike ride and went swimming. The bike ride was really fun! On a different day we went to Mallory Square. There were lots of street performers. My two favorites were 1) a guy juggled knives and torches, and 2) a guy who had a dog that did cool tricks. There were also things like cats that jump through flaming hoops, and metal (or so said to be metal) men.
Then we went to Mel Fisher’s Museum. There was lots of gold and silver there. I got a silver (fake) doubloon and a treasure chest. Now I’ve told you everything we’ve done except for school, which of course we “can’t” forget.

March 18
Hello, yesterday we went snorkeling. It was more fun than I’ve had in a long time! I saw hogfish, parrot fish, conch, and at least 20 barracuda. The barracuda were almost as big as the halibut in Alaska! The parrot fish had beautiful colors like lavender and electric blue. The reason there were so many fish there was because it was a coral reef. This trip was one of the highlights in our great adventure.

March 17
We left that campground and then we went to South Beach. There we met up with our friends Judy and Pascal. Their kids’ names are Luc and Leah. We played in the water and went surfing. It was lots of fun.
Then we went to the Tio’s house. Their grandkids came over and played with us.

The campsite we were at had lots of cool things. They had putt-putt golf, regular golf, baseball, basketball, a water park, and tennis. But then we left and went to a Wal-Mart parking lot. Today we’re going to a snorkeling place. Wish us luck!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Long Point County Park, FL

Remember how I said I saw dolphins? Well this time I swam with them. They were about 10 feet away. We’ve been doing lots of boring school but on my breaks, I usually go to the park. We’ve also been going to beaches a lot. My brothers saw a space shuttle launch, and there’s another one coming up too. We’re having a great time here.

March 4
Yesterday, we did something really fun. Can you guess what it is? We went camping on a deserted island! We walked around in the brush and ate dinner and breakfast by ourselves in the tent, without our parents!

We’ve been going back and forth to the surfers’ beach, but the last two times we got crashed by the waves! I just went swimming for my school break and I saw dolphins! We’ve had lots of fun but we’ve also done lots of school.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sebastian Inlet, Florida

March 1
We left Royal Mansions and went to a beach house. We went swimming there, first thing! Here we did school, swam, and went to the Kennedy Space Center. At Kennedy Space Center, I liked the simulator. It made you face straight up.

We also had a good time with my Nana and Poppa. I took a walk with my Nana on the beach. But then my Nana and Poppa left. Next, we went back to the campground where we did school before. We went back to the beach too. We threw a football and had lots of fun!

Feb 20
All we did at the campground I told you about last week was school and boogie boarding. The boogie boarding we did at a place with HUGE waves. The waves here were so big that you had to be careful that they didn’t wipe you out. I also built a very deep hole on the beach.
After that, we picked up my grandparents and went boogie boarding. After, we played cards with Nana and Poppa.

The next day we did more school, went boogie boarding, and went swimming in the swimming pool and hot tub ath the Royal Mansions Hotel. That’s pretty much what we did today except we’re still going to go boogie boarding again, which by now, you should be able to tell we enjoy!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Orlando, Florida

Feb 17
We spent our last park day at Blizzard Beach and Hollywood Studios. At Hollywood Studios I saw the only thing I missed last time, called Fantasmic. It was about Mickey battling the evil people. It was really cool.
Then we left Disney World and went to a different campground. Here, we did a day of school and then we went to a different campground called Long Point County Park. We did a day of school, except for my brothers that didn’t finish yet. That’s where I’m writing this now. But before I finish this blog I have to tell you three more things. 1) Disney World is the best place we’ve been so far, 2) if you go there, eat a big breakfast before you go to the parks because it is expensive, and 3) bring a friend because they make it twice as fun!

Feb 14
Before we went to Magic Kingdom, we went and met up with our friends named the Hoselton’s. We went swimming with them and played other games with toys. Also, Mr. Hoselton who we call Mr. Hoseltone knows how to play guitar which we enjoyed very much.

Then, we went to Magic Kingdom and did 2 new things: 1) PhilharMagic, and 2) we watched Captain Jack Sparrow teach kids how to sword fight which was very funny.
Today we played tennis and went swimming. My brothers played putt-putt golf, but I read my Harry Potter book. We’ve been having a great time but tomorrow Ms. Julia, Mr. Matt, Sophia, and Alex are leaving. We still have 1 more park day.

Feb 12
Hi, we had the best time at Blizzard Beach. My favorite thing was Summit Plummet. The Lazy River, a tube ride, and some others were fun too. I’m sure you all know what a Lazy River is so I’ll tell about Summit Plummet. It was pretty much straight down and the best part was getting off. On the tube one, or should I say the longest tube ride in the world, you would swing tight corners and go off drop-offs. The other ones like Toboggan Racers and Teamboat Springs were really fun also. There were two Toboggan Race ones. One you would race, and the other you would go up, down, and around corners. Teamboat Springs was just like the second Toboggan Racer except you were on a giant innertube, not a mat, and 6 people could fit on it.

On my last blog I forgot to tell you that Sophia got to go up and help a juggler with his show. She was good at it and I think she liked it because she didn’t seem to want to leave when it was time to go. So now you know what’s happened.

Feb 11
Yesterday we went to Epcot again. We did some new stuff like “Honey, I Shrunk the Audience” and Test Track. On “Honey, I Shrunk the Audience,” it looked like everybody was bigger than you. On Test Track, you got in a car and you got to do different stuff like brake tests. Today we’re going to Blizzard Beach. It’s a huge water park. I can’t wait to tell you what will happen!

Feb 10
The reason we went to a hotel is because my Mom’s friend, Ms. Julia came and they don’t have an RV. Ms. Julia and my Mom went to college together. She has two kids, Alex and Sophia, and her husband is Mr. Matt.

Yesterday we went to Hollywood Studios. My favorite ride was the Rockin’ Roller Coaster. It went 60 miles per hour and it went upside down. P.S. I went on it 4 times. I also like Tower of Terror and the Twilight Zone. It was an elevator that brought you thirteen floors up and dropped you maybe 1 or 2 G’s. There were also shows like Indiana Jones. In Indiana Jones they did lots of fake punching and stuff. I also liked the Light Motors Extreme Stunt Show. There were cars, motorcycles, and seadoos doing jumps every couple of seconds. Today, we’re going to Epcot again. It’ll be lots of fun.

Feb 8
Well, it turns out that we didn’t go to Sea World, but we still had lots of fun. The first thing we did was skydive in a wind tunnel. It was like flying. Then, we went swimming at a place with a waterslide. We also saw a boat parade and fireworks!

The next day, we went to Epcot. My favorite ride here was Mission Space. It launched you to Mars. We also saw Mickey, Goofy, Minnie, Pluto, and Donald! Next, we went to this weird place with lots of weird games. One of them you got to be in the game. Epcot also had a world showcase. My favorite country was China. There were kids that could do acrobatics like flips and stuff. Today we’re going to another place which this time is a hotel.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Disney's Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom

Feb 6
A couple of days ago, we went to Magic Kingdom. There was so many things to do that I’ll shorten it to favorites. My favorite was space mountain. It would do really tight turns and swing you around. My dad and Sam’s favorite was splash mountain. It told the story about Brer Rabbit than it dropped you really fast. Will liked the laugh floor from monsters Inc. and my mom liked the tiki room. The Tiki room was a room with lots of singing (fake) birds. Then, we went home and went to bed. The next day, we did school but at the end of the day, Chance, Sam’s best friend showed up and his parents told us about a place called Disney Quest (it’s a place with five stories of video games). The day after that, we went to Animal Kingdom. My two favorites here were Exhibition Everest and the African Safari. On the African Safari you could see different African animals in almost every direction! On Exhibition Everest there was a Yeti that guarded the mountain. Then we went to Disney Quest. My favorite game here was a game that you had to catch animals on. I also liked Battle of the Buckeneers Gold. Then, we did school and went to Disney Quest again. Today we’re going to Epcot, see you then.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Feb 1
Today we’re going to Disney World! But we’ve been doing other things too. When we got to this Air Force base, we met one of my Dad’s friends named Col. Miller. He came to our house twice, and we went to his house once. He has 4 cute pups, and one son named Justin. My favorite of their puppies was named Rosie, and she was the smallest.
Then we went to a place called Body World. There were skeletons there without skin. We also saw an IMAX theater movie called Extreme Sports. But now we’re officially in Disney World!

Jan 29
Today we went to Florida! We went to a fairly big RV park. Here we did school, went to a beach, and went on a bike ride. On the bike ride we went on a sandy trail called Nature’s Walk. Then we went to another beach. Here we couldn’t resist and so we stripped down to our underwear and went swimming!
Then, we went to a different campground called St. Andrews. Here we also did school and swam on a beach. We swam here twice. I think the second time was best. We got awesome shells here and also went in the water. We brought our inflatable canoe here also. There were huge waves and one of them flipped us upside down!
Next, we went to Manatee Springs where we swam in the water and saw lots of wildlife (including vultures, turtles, and deer).

Then we went to Homosassas Springs. First, we went on a boat trip and saw lots of wildlife. When we got out, we went to a Manatee show. First thing that crossed my mind when I saw them was They’re Huge! Then, we went to a place with a hippo. The hippo here just had his birthday and now was sleeping lazily after his vegi-cake. My other favorite was the river otter. It would do somersaults whenever someone walked by.

After that we went to another campground with a pool. We did our tests here and went swimming. It was more like a bathtub than a pool. It was lots of fun.
Now, we’re in an Air Force base at another RV campground. That’s where I am now.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina

Jan 19
After a couple nights at Mr. John’s house, we spent two nights at a campsite in North Carolina. On the 2nd day we went to one of my Dad’s old colleague’s house. Their names were Mr. Dennis and Ms. Karen and their 2 children Hope and Adam. They made a wonderful dinner and then we played super smash brothers.
Next, we went to Mr. Miles’ house. He has a wife named Laura. We ate dinner there and watched one movie. The day after that we went to the cooking school that Mr. Miles works at. He made an apple bird with me when he got back, and here's a picture of it.

Then we went to Nick’s house. He was one of Robby’s friends from Alaska. We had dinner there and then played tag at a park.
Before we went to Nick’s, we went to Ft. Moultre and watched a movie there. Then we walked inside the walls of a very old fort.
After that we went to some more of my Dad’s friends, Mr. and Mrs. Turko. Their kids were Robbie (we called Robbie 2) and Chris. We stayed there 3 nights and played wii sometimes. They both played basketball on two different teams and we got to watch them play! They’re both pretty good. Before we left we had a ping pong tournament to see who could get the most volleys. Will and Robbie 2 won at 46. Now we’re driving to Florida which we just got to 30 seconds ago.

Jan 12
Hi, I guess I forgot to tell about one thing last time: The Dulles Air & Space Museum with our friends Mrs. Juliet and Mr. John. They have 4 kids named Ian, Bemmy, Thomas (TT), and Rexy Roo. We also went with my cousins….again!
When everybody got there, we looked at all the planes. My favorite was a red one. They had the fastest plane in the world there. It’s called the Black Bird.
After that we went to Charlie and Josh’s house. They’re some more of our old friends. We played for awhile but then….Pizza time! After pizza, we went all over their house and played with stuff.
Next, we cruised through Washington D.C. We went to the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Memorial. Then we went to a different Air and Space Museum, and we were there for awhile. My favorite thing was the “How Things Fly”part. Before that, I had a long and boring doctor’s appointment.
Then we went to Ft. Monroe, Virginia. Here, we visited the first settlement in Jamestowne. My favorite part was buying my quill, but besides that, I enjoyed the movie there.

Now I guess you’re wondering, “When is this going to end?” But now we’re at the best part. Remember when we went to the Air & Space Museum with Mrs. Juliet and Mr. John? Well we cruised right up to their front door in North Carolina. And all we had there was Fun!! They had a 1. wii, 2. Computers, 3. a game cube, 4. A dog named Lady, 5. tons and tons of toys. We played on the computer a lot, but we played outside some too. I walked their dog twice with Mrs. Juliet, and I enjoyed talking with her. We also went to Mr. Fred and Ms. Janette’s house twice (once for dinner, and once for breakfast). We had a fun time there but then we left to Fayetteville, NC and that’s where I’m writing this now.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Ft. Meade, Maryland

I’ve got about a gazillion things to talk about. The day I got out of the hospital, we went back to Mr. Pancho’s house and went to Francis’ Christmas concert. Personally, I liked the orchestra.
Next, we did probably about a whole week of school. But after that….Christmas Time!!!! This year we spent Christmas back at our Uncle Eric’s house. When we got there, we decorated the Christmas tree. Then it was Christmas Eve. Well I guess some people didn’t get the, “Santa won’t come if you don’t go to sleep” part, because the adults and Will, Robby, and my cousin Erin were up talking till midnight! At 6:30, my cousin Logan and I snuck downstairs and thank goodness, Santa came! At 9:00 everybody woke up and I’m already telling you, we got about 5 awesome toys each! From Santa, I got an awesome scooter. Sam got an Okay truck. Will, a sweet ipod touch, and Robby, his very own laptop. We got some other gifts too, but I like my cousin’s Mario Cart for the wii game. We spent the next day playing with our gifts, but then, we headed home.
Next, I went to two follow-up appointments with the doctors. For the second one, I had a flu shot.
Later, we went back to the Zelnosky’s and had a wonderful dinner and dessert. After that, it was New Year’s Eve! We stayed up till 1:00 in the morning….skating! At midnight we had breakfast!
Well, I know how my brother Robby said everything was fun and interesting at the Cryptology Museum. But I didn’t care for anything there. So I’ll just talk about seeing Ms. Lisa. We went to their hotel and went swimming with Ms. Lisa’s niece and nephew. Then we went to Mr. Pancho’s for the umpteenth time and had a wonderful time. That’s pretty much everything to tell you besides the extra school and daily jogs, but we’ve had a great time!