Monday, March 23, 2009

The Florida Keys and Miami

A couple days ago we got to Key West. It’s really hot here. Guess what else? We went snorkeling again, and it was better than last time because we did it all day long! There were all kinds of fish like red fish and pink fish, blue fish and green fish.

We also went on a bike ride and went swimming. The bike ride was really fun! On a different day we went to Mallory Square. There were lots of street performers. My two favorites were 1) a guy juggled knives and torches, and 2) a guy who had a dog that did cool tricks. There were also things like cats that jump through flaming hoops, and metal (or so said to be metal) men.
Then we went to Mel Fisher’s Museum. There was lots of gold and silver there. I got a silver (fake) doubloon and a treasure chest. Now I’ve told you everything we’ve done except for school, which of course we “can’t” forget.

March 18
Hello, yesterday we went snorkeling. It was more fun than I’ve had in a long time! I saw hogfish, parrot fish, conch, and at least 20 barracuda. The barracuda were almost as big as the halibut in Alaska! The parrot fish had beautiful colors like lavender and electric blue. The reason there were so many fish there was because it was a coral reef. This trip was one of the highlights in our great adventure.

March 17
We left that campground and then we went to South Beach. There we met up with our friends Judy and Pascal. Their kids’ names are Luc and Leah. We played in the water and went surfing. It was lots of fun.
Then we went to the Tio’s house. Their grandkids came over and played with us.

The campsite we were at had lots of cool things. They had putt-putt golf, regular golf, baseball, basketball, a water park, and tennis. But then we left and went to a Wal-Mart parking lot. Today we’re going to a snorkeling place. Wish us luck!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Long Point County Park, FL

Remember how I said I saw dolphins? Well this time I swam with them. They were about 10 feet away. We’ve been doing lots of boring school but on my breaks, I usually go to the park. We’ve also been going to beaches a lot. My brothers saw a space shuttle launch, and there’s another one coming up too. We’re having a great time here.

March 4
Yesterday, we did something really fun. Can you guess what it is? We went camping on a deserted island! We walked around in the brush and ate dinner and breakfast by ourselves in the tent, without our parents!

We’ve been going back and forth to the surfers’ beach, but the last two times we got crashed by the waves! I just went swimming for my school break and I saw dolphins! We’ve had lots of fun but we’ve also done lots of school.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sebastian Inlet, Florida

March 1
We left Royal Mansions and went to a beach house. We went swimming there, first thing! Here we did school, swam, and went to the Kennedy Space Center. At Kennedy Space Center, I liked the simulator. It made you face straight up.

We also had a good time with my Nana and Poppa. I took a walk with my Nana on the beach. But then my Nana and Poppa left. Next, we went back to the campground where we did school before. We went back to the beach too. We threw a football and had lots of fun!

Feb 20
All we did at the campground I told you about last week was school and boogie boarding. The boogie boarding we did at a place with HUGE waves. The waves here were so big that you had to be careful that they didn’t wipe you out. I also built a very deep hole on the beach.
After that, we picked up my grandparents and went boogie boarding. After, we played cards with Nana and Poppa.

The next day we did more school, went boogie boarding, and went swimming in the swimming pool and hot tub ath the Royal Mansions Hotel. That’s pretty much what we did today except we’re still going to go boogie boarding again, which by now, you should be able to tell we enjoy!