Sunday, November 30, 2008

Chateau Bonnet, France Nov 29

We just left the Perachon’s house. They have 3 girls and 1 boy. When we got there we had a 3-course meal! Then we played French billiards. After that we went to bed. The next morning we went to Chateau Bonnet, their winery. We went in a wine tank!!! Then we had lunch. Then we said good-bye and left.

Paris Nov 28

Yesterday we went to Paris! We took the subway to the Arc de Triumph. It’s a monument to the soldiers that died in World War II and before. We went to the top floor and looked out over the city. Then we took the Metro to the Louvre Art Museum. We had to go quick because we only had an hour and a half. I enjoyed the statue of Hercules battling a dragon.

Then we met one of Robby and Will’s aupairs named Yolanda and her friend, David. Then we went to lunch. We walked to a cathedral where we almost lost Will. Then we took the metro to the Eiffel Tower. There were 3 floors and it was HUGE! Every hour lights would go off and do a light show. Then we ate dinner and took the metro back and went to bed. We promised that we would visit Yolanda in Spain.

Amsterdam Nov 26

Yesterday I went to Amsterdam. We got on a train to bring us there. While we were walking we saw a guy doing this yoyo thing. Then we went to the Anne Frank House. Anne was a Jew during World War 2. There was a General named Hitler that ordered 11 million Jews to be gassed and burned. Anne wrote a journal and that’s how we know about her. Only six million Jews were killed instead of 11 million.
Then we got hungry and had taco pancakes, and went on a boat tour through the canals. On the boat tour we saw swans and sunken boats. We also saw bikes hanging off chains over the bridge. The only things holding up the boats were the chains and ropes. Later we took a walk and my Dad walked through the red light district. Then we took the train back to the youth hostel and went to bed. See ya in France!

Monday, November 24, 2008


Bon Jour! Just now we went to Luxembourg. We went to these huge cliffs with old forts built into them. They are about 300 feet high. (Mom says they’re much higher!) We also went to a huge park that was made out of fake pirate ships. After that we went to three huge cathedrals, and two we went in. They had huge statues, and some are so big they might be 50 feet high! Later we went to a youth hostel and went to a fair where we shot pellet guns and went in a haunted house. Then we went to sleep.
The next day we went to a place called Brussels and went to a flea market where things cost almost nothing. We bought coats, gloves, hats, fruit, chocolate, and candy. Then we went to a fountain that was a peeing boy. He was stolen 2 times. Once he was stolen and smashed, and the man who stole it went to jail for life! The king felt sorry for the statue and gave him clothes for each holiday. Then we went to the third cathedral that had statues almost everywhere on it. Then we went to our third youth hostel and had a snowball fight. The next day we went to the biggest toy museum in Europe. There were huge Lego statues and trust me, they were AWESOME!! There were trains, dolls, puppets, stuffed animals, and lots, lots, lots more. My favorite thing was Darth Vader. He really talked and had a light-up light sabre with a clone that had a jet pack that lit up. I also bought a toy train that winds up. Then we went to a fourth cathedral with wood carvings. Then we went to a pancake hut that was more like an American pizza than an American pancake. Then we went to our fourth youth hostel, which is in Holland and that’s where I am now. Bye.

Germany Nov 21

Two days ago I had the worst plane ride I ever had. But then we landed in Germany, and played XBox. Then we rented an awesome car and went to a hotel. The next day we went to an awesome castle that was finished in MDCLXXXIII and was located in Heidelberg. Guess what we saw…a bat! Then we went to a place where the brave hunters would go down into the moats with the furious caribou and sheep and hunt while the princesses cheered them on above.
After that we had a great lunch and walked around the city. Right now we’re driving to Luxembourg.

River Birch Court - Nov 18

Guess what? Just now I visited some neighbors from Maryland that we lived next to four years ago. Their names are Troy and he’s 2, Julia and she’s 7, Hannah and she’s 8, Kira and she’s 11, Mr. Scott, and our great cook, Ms. Sharon. We also visited Chipper, Scott, Shane, Luke, Nick, and Garrett. I had a great time playing with cars, and playing Wii, and watching TV at Chipper’s house. I also enjoyed playing a huge war of big kids vs little kids. Don’t worry. There were more little kids. Now we’re going to Europe…Auvoir!

Nov 10 Maryland

I’m in Maryland at my Uncle Eric’s house. A couple nights ago we went trick or treating. We only had an hour or two to get our costumes together but I was a pirate and so was my cousin, Duncan. My cousin Lauren was a princess; Logan was a sailor, Erin was Hermonie from Harry Potter, Uncle Eric was the grim reaper with stilts, and my Aunt Terry was a professor. We also played with some of their friends and their names are Jack who is 11 and Alex who is 9. We went to a fun place called Summers Family Farm. There were slides, go-carts, a petting zoo, and more. My favorite was the corn maze. People kept on jumping out of the corn and scaring us. We had a great time but now we’re going to see some old friends. Bye.