Friday, February 6, 2009

Disney's Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom

Feb 6
A couple of days ago, we went to Magic Kingdom. There was so many things to do that I’ll shorten it to favorites. My favorite was space mountain. It would do really tight turns and swing you around. My dad and Sam’s favorite was splash mountain. It told the story about Brer Rabbit than it dropped you really fast. Will liked the laugh floor from monsters Inc. and my mom liked the tiki room. The Tiki room was a room with lots of singing (fake) birds. Then, we went home and went to bed. The next day, we did school but at the end of the day, Chance, Sam’s best friend showed up and his parents told us about a place called Disney Quest (it’s a place with five stories of video games). The day after that, we went to Animal Kingdom. My two favorites here were Exhibition Everest and the African Safari. On the African Safari you could see different African animals in almost every direction! On Exhibition Everest there was a Yeti that guarded the mountain. Then we went to Disney Quest. My favorite game here was a game that you had to catch animals on. I also liked Battle of the Buckeneers Gold. Then, we did school and went to Disney Quest again. Today we’re going to Epcot, see you then.

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