Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Charlotte, Michigan and Nappanee, Indiana

May 16
Today we’re at the library doing school. Yesterday we had a sleepover with Joe, Sam, and Anna. I forgot to tell you in my last blog that they’re traveling just like us. I also forgot to tell you how good Ms. Marlene’s dinner was. It was very good. We also went to a horse auction. Today we went to a place called Charlotte, Michigan.

May 15
Now that we’re back in Indiana at Newmar, we made some friends. Their names are Joe, Sam, and Anna. We went with them to an Amish wedding set-up. We played cops and robbers there. Then we went to an Amish family’s house. The Mom of this family’s name was Ms. Marlene. We rode in a small carriage and I got to drive! Then we went back to Newmar and went to bed.

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