Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Kansas and Colorado

In a different place in Kansas we went to a campground that sold antiques. We met two kids there and played at the park with them.

A couple days ago, we entered Colorado. We met up with some of our old Alaska friends, the Bailey’s. We played Cops and Robbers. Will and I hid from them so well that 30 minutes later we came back and everybody was looking for us!

Next, we went to Ms. Ronda and Pastor Gene’s church. It was their last sermon because they are moving to Alabama.

At Roger’s house, we made a garden. First, we put down railroad tracks in a rectangle. Second, we put down dirt. Lastly, we planted strawberries. We also drove a bulldozer, a
4-wheeler, and rode a horse. On the 4-wheeler I went 32 mph in a 100 yard long area! For dinner Roger literally dumped our food on the table and we even ate with our hands!

Later, we went to the Bowen’s house for dinner. We played Monopoly and had pink stuff (pink jello) for dessert. Today we’re doing school at a library. It really stinks because all the other kids are out and we aren’t!

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