Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Long Point County Park, FL

Remember how I said I saw dolphins? Well this time I swam with them. They were about 10 feet away. We’ve been doing lots of boring school but on my breaks, I usually go to the park. We’ve also been going to beaches a lot. My brothers saw a space shuttle launch, and there’s another one coming up too. We’re having a great time here.

March 4
Yesterday, we did something really fun. Can you guess what it is? We went camping on a deserted island! We walked around in the brush and ate dinner and breakfast by ourselves in the tent, without our parents!

We’ve been going back and forth to the surfers’ beach, but the last two times we got crashed by the waves! I just went swimming for my school break and I saw dolphins! We’ve had lots of fun but we’ve also done lots of school.

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Linnie said...

Is that a puffer fish you are folding? That's super cool!