Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Orlando, Florida

Feb 17
We spent our last park day at Blizzard Beach and Hollywood Studios. At Hollywood Studios I saw the only thing I missed last time, called Fantasmic. It was about Mickey battling the evil people. It was really cool.
Then we left Disney World and went to a different campground. Here, we did a day of school and then we went to a different campground called Long Point County Park. We did a day of school, except for my brothers that didn’t finish yet. That’s where I’m writing this now. But before I finish this blog I have to tell you three more things. 1) Disney World is the best place we’ve been so far, 2) if you go there, eat a big breakfast before you go to the parks because it is expensive, and 3) bring a friend because they make it twice as fun!

Feb 14
Before we went to Magic Kingdom, we went and met up with our friends named the Hoselton’s. We went swimming with them and played other games with toys. Also, Mr. Hoselton who we call Mr. Hoseltone knows how to play guitar which we enjoyed very much.

Then, we went to Magic Kingdom and did 2 new things: 1) PhilharMagic, and 2) we watched Captain Jack Sparrow teach kids how to sword fight which was very funny.
Today we played tennis and went swimming. My brothers played putt-putt golf, but I read my Harry Potter book. We’ve been having a great time but tomorrow Ms. Julia, Mr. Matt, Sophia, and Alex are leaving. We still have 1 more park day.

Feb 12
Hi, we had the best time at Blizzard Beach. My favorite thing was Summit Plummet. The Lazy River, a tube ride, and some others were fun too. I’m sure you all know what a Lazy River is so I’ll tell about Summit Plummet. It was pretty much straight down and the best part was getting off. On the tube one, or should I say the longest tube ride in the world, you would swing tight corners and go off drop-offs. The other ones like Toboggan Racers and Teamboat Springs were really fun also. There were two Toboggan Race ones. One you would race, and the other you would go up, down, and around corners. Teamboat Springs was just like the second Toboggan Racer except you were on a giant innertube, not a mat, and 6 people could fit on it.

On my last blog I forgot to tell you that Sophia got to go up and help a juggler with his show. She was good at it and I think she liked it because she didn’t seem to want to leave when it was time to go. So now you know what’s happened.

Feb 11
Yesterday we went to Epcot again. We did some new stuff like “Honey, I Shrunk the Audience” and Test Track. On “Honey, I Shrunk the Audience,” it looked like everybody was bigger than you. On Test Track, you got in a car and you got to do different stuff like brake tests. Today we’re going to Blizzard Beach. It’s a huge water park. I can’t wait to tell you what will happen!

Feb 10
The reason we went to a hotel is because my Mom’s friend, Ms. Julia came and they don’t have an RV. Ms. Julia and my Mom went to college together. She has two kids, Alex and Sophia, and her husband is Mr. Matt.

Yesterday we went to Hollywood Studios. My favorite ride was the Rockin’ Roller Coaster. It went 60 miles per hour and it went upside down. P.S. I went on it 4 times. I also like Tower of Terror and the Twilight Zone. It was an elevator that brought you thirteen floors up and dropped you maybe 1 or 2 G’s. There were also shows like Indiana Jones. In Indiana Jones they did lots of fake punching and stuff. I also liked the Light Motors Extreme Stunt Show. There were cars, motorcycles, and seadoos doing jumps every couple of seconds. Today, we’re going to Epcot again. It’ll be lots of fun.

Feb 8
Well, it turns out that we didn’t go to Sea World, but we still had lots of fun. The first thing we did was skydive in a wind tunnel. It was like flying. Then, we went swimming at a place with a waterslide. We also saw a boat parade and fireworks!

The next day, we went to Epcot. My favorite ride here was Mission Space. It launched you to Mars. We also saw Mickey, Goofy, Minnie, Pluto, and Donald! Next, we went to this weird place with lots of weird games. One of them you got to be in the game. Epcot also had a world showcase. My favorite country was China. There were kids that could do acrobatics like flips and stuff. Today we’re going to another place which this time is a hotel.

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