Monday, April 20, 2009

Huntsville, Alabama

April 19
When Tucker arrived, we started having 2 times the fun. First we went to Space Camp. It was a lot like Kennedy except for the rides. Then we went to Look Out Mountain and hiked it.
Next we went to Mr. Scott Campbell’s and went swimming in the water. We also jumped off a boat house roof to the water twenty-five feet below.

We also went to a place the Armstrongs recommended to go with us. We went fishing, swimming, and boating.

Today we just went to the Gargulinski’s house. First we went to the shooting range. I shot their submachine gun the most accurate out of all the other guns.

Then we jumped on their trampoline and played Halo. I went out and went swimming and jumped off a rope swing. Today it’s Will’s birthday. Soon we will eat his cake!

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