Thursday, June 4, 2009

Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Michigan

June 3
Next we went to visit some people named the Conge’s. We played with them on their trampoline. We also played with their dog, Duke. Next, we went to another nice family named the McCloskey’s. Afterwards, we saw one of Shakespeare’s plays. Then we went back to the Conge’s house and said good-bye.

Then we went to see our old neighbors from Texas, The Galvin’s. Their names are Shelby, Olivia, and Mr. and Mrs. Galvin. They’re going to Hawaii tomorrow. Now we’re going to Colorado.

May 27
Awhile ago we came here to Great Lakes Navy Base in IL. We went swimming and did tons of school. We also went fishing and bowling. I found some sea glass. Then we went back to Newmar to get some parts. We got a tour of Newmar. We saw how they put the coaches together.

Next we went to Charlotte, MI. When we were there, we went to a giant skateboard park. It was so awesome. After that we went with my Mom’s college friend, Ms. Julia to Chicago, and her family came too. We went on a boat tour and saw the Sears Tower and the John Hancock Center. We also got on our bikes and went all over the place. We had ice cream for dinner, and then went home. Today we’re leaving Illinois.

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