Saturday, July 18, 2009

New York, Indiana, Wyoming

July 15, 2009 – Niagara Falls

We just came from Niagara Falls. Three words…It was HUGE! One million bathtubs full of water go down it every second. There was a museum about all the dare devils who went down the Falls in barrels. There was a guy that went off the Falls on a see-doo and then tried to pull his parachute, but it didn’t come out and he died! I wish I could do that (not the dying part though). There was also a little boy that fell out of a boat and went down them without a barrel or anything. Luckily, he survived!

We’re going to be at my Poppa’s farm in five hours now!

July 12 – Indiana, Wyoming

Hi! Right now we’re going to Amish territory. We’re headed from there to New York. Then we’re going to Canada. We haven’t been doing much. But two days ago we watched Transformers’ Revenge of the Fallen. Before that we went to Cheyenne, Wyoming and went horseback riding. Also I went to the Galvins’ house one last time in Colorado.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Aurora, Colorado

July 4
About five days ago, I had a headache. And it hurt! I started throwing up that night. The next day my left eye was kind of swollen. It’s the same eye that swelled up the other two times. So then I went to the emergency room at the Denver Children’s Hospital. I’ve been here for three days now. I had surgery two days ago.

It made me sad because my eye hurt, and it’s the third time. Whenever the doctors talked about surgery, they said there would be less pain after. I really wanted it. I remember going into the operating room. They put some stuff in that would make me go to sleep. Then my dad said to count down from 10. I got to 7, and then fell asleep!

After the surgery, I remember having a slushee and I liked it. My throat hurt because I had a tube in my throat. The next day my eye didn’t hurt at all. It’s bleeding, but the doctors say it’s normal.

I have a nurse named Whitney, and other nice nurses named Kate, Kim, and Sarah. Dr. McCourt is one of my ophthalmologists and she’s really nice.

There are two things they did in my surgery. One thing is they took out some of my left sinuses so I’ll drain better. The other thing is they had to drain the abscess, and then they put in a stitch.
I’m going to stay here for one more day maybe. Tonight is the Fourth of July and my Dad’s going to spend the night. We’re going to watch fireworks from my window. It’s a good view over Denver, and I can see the mountains.