Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dry Tortugas and Key West

Hi, a couple days ago we went to the skating rink again. The high-schoolers came and we did a game with them that was 50-0. We won! April Fools!

The next day we went to a place called Fort Jefferson or Dry Tortugas. We got there by boat. Unfortunately ours was swallowed by a whale! April Fools!

When we got there we went snorkeling. I met a kid named Eric and we played with lots of cool shells. We also played with real Hermit crabs. Our last time we went snorkeling I found a whole sand dollar. It was lots of fun, but then we left on our 70-mile journey back home to Key West. Today, we’re about to move the RV. Then we’ll do school and do something fun.

March 27
Hello, we’ve done 3 things besides school. My favorite was roller blading at a skating rink for hockey. It was tons of fun. At the end of our day there were so many kids that I couldn’t even see Sam sometimes.

We also went to Mallory Square again. There was one new person that we hadn’t seen. He juggled a chain saw, a grenade, and a machete. He also lay down on a bed of spikes. I just finished going swimming and finished school for the day, and I’m glad to say that!

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