Thursday, February 5, 2009


Feb 1
Today we’re going to Disney World! But we’ve been doing other things too. When we got to this Air Force base, we met one of my Dad’s friends named Col. Miller. He came to our house twice, and we went to his house once. He has 4 cute pups, and one son named Justin. My favorite of their puppies was named Rosie, and she was the smallest.
Then we went to a place called Body World. There were skeletons there without skin. We also saw an IMAX theater movie called Extreme Sports. But now we’re officially in Disney World!

Jan 29
Today we went to Florida! We went to a fairly big RV park. Here we did school, went to a beach, and went on a bike ride. On the bike ride we went on a sandy trail called Nature’s Walk. Then we went to another beach. Here we couldn’t resist and so we stripped down to our underwear and went swimming!
Then, we went to a different campground called St. Andrews. Here we also did school and swam on a beach. We swam here twice. I think the second time was best. We got awesome shells here and also went in the water. We brought our inflatable canoe here also. There were huge waves and one of them flipped us upside down!
Next, we went to Manatee Springs where we swam in the water and saw lots of wildlife (including vultures, turtles, and deer).

Then we went to Homosassas Springs. First, we went on a boat trip and saw lots of wildlife. When we got out, we went to a Manatee show. First thing that crossed my mind when I saw them was They’re Huge! Then, we went to a place with a hippo. The hippo here just had his birthday and now was sleeping lazily after his vegi-cake. My other favorite was the river otter. It would do somersaults whenever someone walked by.

After that we went to another campground with a pool. We did our tests here and went swimming. It was more like a bathtub than a pool. It was lots of fun.
Now, we’re in an Air Force base at another RV campground. That’s where I am now.

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