Sunday, May 3, 2009

Springfield, IL, and Nappanee, Indiana

May 2
At Abraham Lincoln’s Museum, we saw two movies and a bunch of displays. My favorite thing was the Ghost Library. My Mom liked all the dresses (…Mom’s). We went to his tomb next and rubbed his nose so we got good luck. If we didn’t rub it, we would have bad luck.
Later, we went to a Newmar place to get our RV fixed up. There are lots of Amish people here. We then visited my Mom’s friend, Sheryl. We also went to Notre Dame University. We went to the football stadium and bookstore.

We then went to a museum about the Amish and Mennonites. Next we went to an ice cream shop. We met a family there that was Mennonite. They have cows. The calves would suck on your finger! They also had a GIANT tractor that we rode in and drove.

We then went to an Amish person’s house. She was really nice. Her name was Ms. Sara, and she has 6 children. We went on a buggy ride with her. She has 3 horses. The one we used had the name, Boots. We went to a Ferrier’s house in the buggy and he changed Boots’ horse shoes. We played basketball and baseball with his kids. I rode their pony also. Next we went back to Ms. Sara’s house. They had dogs, cats, chickens, one calf, and horses. We went up in their hay loft too. It was lots of fun. We’re heading towards Chicago right now.

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