Sunday, April 19, 2009

Florida and Tennessee

April 13
We’ve had lots of fun since I last blogged to you. We went to Ernest Hemmingway’s house first. He had lots and lots of cats. Next, we went to Luc and Lea’s house again. We played with Legos, nerf guns, and used real night vision goggles. We also went swimming in their pool.

After that, we went to Alligator Park. There were lots of alligators there. I saw a turtle as big as two pizzas! After that, we went ice skating in Brandon, FL. It was fun.

Next, we went to the Yogi Bear Campground. It had a fishing pond, swimming pond, pool, water slide, golf course, theater, game room, and skate park. I used the skate park the most.

Yesterday was Easter Sunday. Today my cousin Tucker is going to fly to Nashville, Tennessee from New York where we’ll pick him up! Right now I’m sitting down in the youth center waiting to finish this, which I just did.

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