Monday, November 24, 2008

Nov 10 Maryland

I’m in Maryland at my Uncle Eric’s house. A couple nights ago we went trick or treating. We only had an hour or two to get our costumes together but I was a pirate and so was my cousin, Duncan. My cousin Lauren was a princess; Logan was a sailor, Erin was Hermonie from Harry Potter, Uncle Eric was the grim reaper with stilts, and my Aunt Terry was a professor. We also played with some of their friends and their names are Jack who is 11 and Alex who is 9. We went to a fun place called Summers Family Farm. There were slides, go-carts, a petting zoo, and more. My favorite was the corn maze. People kept on jumping out of the corn and scaring us. We had a great time but now we’re going to see some old friends. Bye.

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