Sunday, November 30, 2008

Amsterdam Nov 26

Yesterday I went to Amsterdam. We got on a train to bring us there. While we were walking we saw a guy doing this yoyo thing. Then we went to the Anne Frank House. Anne was a Jew during World War 2. There was a General named Hitler that ordered 11 million Jews to be gassed and burned. Anne wrote a journal and that’s how we know about her. Only six million Jews were killed instead of 11 million.
Then we got hungry and had taco pancakes, and went on a boat tour through the canals. On the boat tour we saw swans and sunken boats. We also saw bikes hanging off chains over the bridge. The only things holding up the boats were the chains and ropes. Later we took a walk and my Dad walked through the red light district. Then we took the train back to the youth hostel and went to bed. See ya in France!

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