Monday, November 24, 2008


Bon Jour! Just now we went to Luxembourg. We went to these huge cliffs with old forts built into them. They are about 300 feet high. (Mom says they’re much higher!) We also went to a huge park that was made out of fake pirate ships. After that we went to three huge cathedrals, and two we went in. They had huge statues, and some are so big they might be 50 feet high! Later we went to a youth hostel and went to a fair where we shot pellet guns and went in a haunted house. Then we went to sleep.
The next day we went to a place called Brussels and went to a flea market where things cost almost nothing. We bought coats, gloves, hats, fruit, chocolate, and candy. Then we went to a fountain that was a peeing boy. He was stolen 2 times. Once he was stolen and smashed, and the man who stole it went to jail for life! The king felt sorry for the statue and gave him clothes for each holiday. Then we went to the third cathedral that had statues almost everywhere on it. Then we went to our third youth hostel and had a snowball fight. The next day we went to the biggest toy museum in Europe. There were huge Lego statues and trust me, they were AWESOME!! There were trains, dolls, puppets, stuffed animals, and lots, lots, lots more. My favorite thing was Darth Vader. He really talked and had a light-up light sabre with a clone that had a jet pack that lit up. I also bought a toy train that winds up. Then we went to a fourth cathedral with wood carvings. Then we went to a pancake hut that was more like an American pizza than an American pancake. Then we went to our fourth youth hostel, which is in Holland and that’s where I am now. Bye.

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