Sunday, November 30, 2008

Paris Nov 28

Yesterday we went to Paris! We took the subway to the Arc de Triumph. It’s a monument to the soldiers that died in World War II and before. We went to the top floor and looked out over the city. Then we took the Metro to the Louvre Art Museum. We had to go quick because we only had an hour and a half. I enjoyed the statue of Hercules battling a dragon.

Then we met one of Robby and Will’s aupairs named Yolanda and her friend, David. Then we went to lunch. We walked to a cathedral where we almost lost Will. Then we took the metro to the Eiffel Tower. There were 3 floors and it was HUGE! Every hour lights would go off and do a light show. Then we ate dinner and took the metro back and went to bed. We promised that we would visit Yolanda in Spain.

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