Thursday, October 23, 2008

Oct 22

Hi. Yesterday we went to Boston City. First, we went to a restaurant with my Dad’s Cousin Sally and her friend, Jeffrey. Second we saw a movie about the Revolutionary War! The Colonists (the good guys) didn’t like being controlled by the British. That’s why they went to war. Paul Revere sent this message out. The British didn’t like this, so they went to go get their weapons, which were in Concord. But instead they met them in Lexington. The Brits won that part. Then, they met them on a bridge and chased the Brits away and the Colonists shot at them all the way back to Boston.
Next we went to a harbor, and there were some really cool sailboats. Then, we went to a fountain and got completely soaked.
Last, we went to a friend’s house that used to work with my Dad. There we played a board game and watched Lord of the Rings. Then we went to Rhode Island to continue our journey.

Oct 19
Hi, I’m in Albany, NY at my Nana and Poppa’s house. Did I also mention that my cousins live here? We like to scooter, skateboard, play with their chickens, and camp on the top of the hill. I’ll talk about scootering and skate boarding first. I can build at least 5 different jumps.
We also like to play with their chickens. We like to pick them up and pet them, and we like to feed them. They’re funny how they bob their heads.
On the hill we like playing tag in the long grass, and my big brothers like to go hunting for turkeys, and we also like to look at the stars. It’s really fun but tomorrow we are going to Boston…beat you there.

Oct 2
Here we are on my Mom and Dad’s 15th year wedding anniversary. We did four fun events here. We went biking at Saint Andrews. After that we went to a HUGE park, and played a great game of tag. Then, we went to Acadia National Park and climbed Cadillac Mountain, which was an 8 mile hike.
Next, we went to Bryce’s house. There we played his PS2 and skateboarded. The next day we climbed Mount Bromley, and played at an amusement park at the bottom of the mountain. I really liked the alpine slide, which was the biggest alpine slide in the U.S.A.
Then we went to a skateboard park that I really enjoyed. Last, we started going to my Nana and Poppa’s house.

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